Dr. Margaret Mann Zeballos, MD

Margaret Mann Zeballos Family Medicine Doctor

Dr. Margaret Mann Zeballos is a Family Medicine physician in the Alamo Heights area. She provides wellness care for both children and adults and chronic illness care for adults. In her early career as an academic Family Medicine physician, Dr. Mann Zeballos worked training medical students and Family Medicine residents in prenatal clinics, labor and delivery, outpatient and inpatient settings.  She later worked in a busy private practice at Alamo Heights Medical Group in the Quarry for several years followed by a time at the Family Medicine outpatient clinic at Fort Sam Houston. In September 2019, Dr. Margaret launched Alamo Heights Direct Primary Care.


Dr. Margaret states, “I am so happy to return to care in our community. My new Direct Primary Care Practice will allow me to focus my attention on YOU! I genuinely love caring for patients without the hassle of insurances and the pressures to see high volumes of patients in 15-minute increments. In my practice, you will speak to ME directly AND you will receive a timely response.”


Dr. Margaret can arrange home visits, video chat, or just a quick call or text visit. Because her patients pay a membership monthly, her time caring for you is not restricted to in-person visits. No more long waits to see or communicate with your doctor. 


Dr. Mann Zeballos’ passion, and the focus of her practice, is overall wellness –exercise, healthy diet, quality rest. She can help you manage most medical conditions in her office. She looks forward to connecting with you!

Whether it’s sick visits, routine checkups, or in-clinic procedures Dr. Margaret Mann Zeballos can take care of you and your families health and wellness. Reach out to her today to work with Alamo Height’s most personal Family Medicine physician.