Direct Primary Care FAQs

Friends and Future Patients, 

Alamo Heights DPC is a membership based Family Medicine practice.

Convenient access. A doctor you can count on. Old fashioned care. Modern medicine. 

That is our goal.

Please contact us with your questions. 

Email or call us to set up an initial consultation. 

Why use a direct primary care practice?

The membership fee allows us to provide unhurried care to fewer patients. The average full time family doc manages thousands of patients and hires a lot of staff to interface and manage insurance company demands.

Direct primary care docs care for hundreds of patients–which means better quality for you. We can spend more time, decrease emergency and hospital visits and in many cases decrease the need for costly specialist visits. No insurance means more time with you.

Already interested? Contact Dr. Margaret today to get started!

So, do I need insurance?

Yes, we recommend that you carry insurance at a minimum to cover catastrophic and hospital care. Direct Primary Care is an excellent fit for people with high deductible insurance plans or who use cost share programs (like Christian Care Ministry, Sedera, Liberty health among others.) 

In our practice we do not accept insurance for our services. You may choose to use your insurance for medications, radiology services, durable medical equipment and costly labs (we have great rates on the basics!) We are happy to provide orders for all so that you can use your insurance benefits. 

May I use my HSA to cover my membership fees?

Please consult with your accountant or HSA provider regarding the membership fee. 

We can keep an HSA card on file to cover labs and procedures performed in office, not covered by your fee.

Do I really have direct access to my doctor?

Yes, your calls go straight to our personal phone. Once established you will have access to communicate with us via phone, text, email, and video chat. If you are in town, out of town, at the office or the soccer field. We will help.


We thought you would never ask!

We have negotiated jaw-droppingly low prices for common labs. (less than $3 for a lipid panel, anyone? ) You can use your insurance if you want, but cash payment is likely much more affordable!  Again, transparent pricing. You will be billed for labs at the point of care. No arguing with the insurance company.

What about vaccines?

We have many different resources to help you get affordable vaccines either with or without your insurance. Some can be provided in our office and others are outsourced. 

We will do what we can to make sure that all of our patients have the full complement of lifesaving vaccines.

Are procedures included in the membership fees?

 Many basic procedures are included in the membership fee (i.e. ECGs) . Other procedures will be provided for a fee. We will keep a menu of pricing in the office so you will know the exact price in advance. Additional procedures are billed at the point of service.

Anything else?

We take care of families and patients of all ages. If we find that you have a condition that needs care outside of our scope of practice, we will refer you to a specialist who we trust. We do not provide in-hospital care but will coordinate closely with the Emergency and Hospitalist physicians caring for you. We are happy to help you and your family understand the care plan. 

We do not manage chronic pain with narcotic medications. We can facilitate referral to a qualified pain management specialist.